Osteoporosis and Arthritis


Osteoporosis is a disease of the skeleton which reduces bone strength and increases the risk of fracture. Most bones apart from the face and head can be affected by osteoporosis, but the most common sites of fracture are the hips, spine, wrists and ribs. Osteoporosis, or bone loss, is often called the silent disease because it arises without symptoms. The first sign we get of the disease is often a fracture.

Arthritis Fund Helps: Shantabai

Arthritis Fund (AF) recipient Shantabai is unequivocal, “Knee surgery changed my life, and I have AFM to thank for that. I was walking with the aid of a walking stick, I could not climb stairs, could not squat, and could not use the toilet. Painkillers did not help with the pain, I was a total wreck.”

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a common disease that exists throughout the world. It affects about 5 in 1000 people in Malaysia.

RA is a complicated disease that can vary a great deal from person to person. This article is only a guide. Please use it to understand your disease better but remember that everything that is written here may not apply to you.
What is RA?

What is arthritis?

What Is Arthritis?

“Arthritis” and “Rheumatism” are 2 words with different meanings that often confuse people. Essentially, they are separate terms with a minor degree of overlap between them. “Arthritis” means disease of or damage to the joints. Rheumatism is a more general term used to describe any pain in or around your bones, muscles and joints. The term “rheumatic diseases” is used to refer to all types of arthritis and rheumatism.

Gouty arthritis

Gout is one of the oldest types of arthritis that affects mankind. It has been known since before the days of Christ. Gout is also one of the commonest types of arthritis. It causes inflammation of the joint, with swelling, warmth, redness and pain. Nowadays, due to advances in medical research, gout can be well controlled. If the correct treatment program is followed, gout becomes an easily manageable illness.


Osteoarthritis (OA) is probably the most common cause of limb joint and spine arthritis in the human race. The prevalence of OA is in the region of 10-20% of the adult population. In the United States it has been estimated that more than one billion US dollars are spent annually on surgery of joint disease, the majority of these are due to OA. Similarly the health and economic impact in other countries are as dramatic. Our own gradually ageing population is not spared. The most common form of OA in Malaysia is knee OA.